Padauk Wooden Pen


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These are bigger than average pens. They are perfect for those who struggle with gripping normal pens, or just who prefer bigger and easier to hold.

For local wood species, each blank is hand milled from a log so I can pick the best grains from each. Each pen I make is unique in its final shape, as well as how each is finished. I don’t use any templates, nor do I follow any guidelines. Each one is turned by hand and fine sanded to a perfect finish. Once sanded, they will get a coat of oil to stabilize the grain. Followed by a topcoat of Lacquer or CA glue for luster, and protection.

If you have a special request, please feel free to send me a message!

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padauk, oak, mesquite, cedar

black titanium

padauk, oak, mesquite, cedar