Mesquite Wood Table Lamp


This mesquite wood table lamp is simple in form. Made this way to show the full beauty of the grain and coloring.

Coloring will vary to item received as nature is rarely the same.

Shade and finial not included

Height will be 10-13″ to top of wood, 20-24″ to top of harp, and 5-6″ Wide at base

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This mesquite wood table lamp is truly one of a kind. You will not find this anywhere else but here.

We use only the best materials for our products. Only the finest Texas woods are used for these lamps, and the raw materials used in each piece are engineered to be durable and long lasting. All local species are locally sourced, milled, and turned to a finished product. Each piece is designed to become an antique that your family can enjoy and pass down for years. I pour my heart into each aspect of my creations, and that is my guarantee.

Wood is a natural product that responds to temperature and humidity variations by expanding and contracting. Sometimes these changes may be noticeable in the physical appearance of the product. Every care is taken to ensure our products can handle temperature and humidity changes. However, the conditions of your home can affect the wooden products you buy from us. Each mesquite wood table lamp is protected by a an outer coat of lacquer or epoxy. Depending on conditions will dictate which is applied.

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Weight 70 oz
Dimensions 13 × 5 × 5 in


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