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These pieces are some of the work that has been completed for commissions. Whether you are wanting something I have shown, or have a thought about something else, I would like to hear from you! I keep a stock of Texas Juniper (Cedar), and Honey mesquite to use for projects. I am happy to take suggestions for other species, if I can attain them, or if I go pick some up.

I am a fast learner and in terms of woodworking experience, I am likely considered a pre-teen currently. I know enough to get things done and to look great, however I may end up making a couple of “lessons”. But that is why I enjoy this so much. Even “mistakes” can be altered to still be used, or become something new in and of itself.

I do not have a big shop, currently working out of a dual-purpose building. It houses the well head, as well as the lathe and all subsequent tools. From meager beginnings though! I have a penchant for stubbornness, and a drive that is just waiting to be engaged for your own personal piece. Made by me but meant for your life and lifestyle.

Please message me and let me know what you would like if you don’t see it here already, and we can find a path forward to fulfill your wish.

Gallery of Commissioned Pieces